Moving Forward With The Help Of A Career Center

It can be daunting to feel like you don't know where you want to go in life. Perhaps you recently lost a job, you are looking at making a career change, or maybe you're still young and have never really gotten your feet under you, but now you want to move your life and career forward. A career center is a great resource to help take that next step.

Sometimes it seems as though there is a negative stigma attached to getting help from a career center, but it is a tool, that if utilized properly, can be a great benefit. Most career centers are part of a college or university. If you went to college even for a short while, you likely still have access to the school's resources. Consider reaching out to them to find out what assistance they offer for past students. Of course, if needed, there are other career centers out there to help you progress, aside from those at universities. Centers are there to help you navigate the tricky waters of preparing for a career and job searching. Once you've found a center in your area, there is a lot that they can do to help.

Career centers host workshops to teach you job competency, help you learn how to write a resume and cover letter, give you access to job listings, assist you in improving networking skills, and give advice and mentorship. They offer mock interviews that allow you to practice and prepare for the real thing. Some career centers will have assessments that can help you better understand your skills and what careers fit with your personality. If personality tests are not something that interests you, it's okay to pass on this and figure out on your own what jobs best suit your nature.

Come prepared to try. If you have an attitude of wanting to move forward and improve your life, you will get more out of your experience. Be willing and able to take notes of next action plans and additional resources that will be provided to you. Though a career center has many ways to help, you still have to do the legwork. It'll be necessary to put in the time to research possible careers you're interested in, use the skills they taught you to make a resume and cover letter, and do job hunting on your own. 

Taking action to move you forward into uncertainty can be difficult. It's natural to feel overwhelmed or afraid. Remember that there are systems in place to help you. Being open about your needs and wants will help your advisor work with you to find a career that is a good fit. Though moving forward may be scary, the step of working with a career center doesn't need to be. Contact your local center to get started today.

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