5 Benefits Of CPR For Babysitters

Whether you're trying to earn a bit of extra money or launch a career in childcare, a babysitting job can be fun and rewarding. But you need to ensure you have the right skills if you want to be successful. CPR training can help in multiple ways including the following: 

1. Keeps your charges safer.

The number one reason babysitters should complete CPR training is safety. When you have someone else's children, your job is to keep them as safe as possible. If something happened to your charges, you would have to live with that fact for the rest of your life. 

You should add CPR to your safety arsenal. It can be just as important as other safety essentials like sunblock and car seats. 

2. Improves your babysitting skills.

Anything you can do to make your time with children safer, kinder, and more educational is a benefit to your clients. By learning CPR, you become a better babysitter. You may also want to add other skills such as driving the kids to their lessons, cooking or cleaning for the family, tutoring services, or playing fun games. 

3. Enhances worry-free afternoons by the pool.

If the children you babysit have a pool, live in a neighborhood with a pool, or take you on vacations where there is a pool, you may spend a lot of time poolside. When you're near a pool with children, you have to be constantly vigilant. 

Even if there are lifeguards on duty, your job is still to watch the kids around the water. When you know CPR, your time around the water becomes more worry-free. In a worst-case scenario, you would have the skills to protect the kids you're watching. 

4. Bolsters your résumé.

Babysitting can be competitive. When you complete CPR training, you can add the course to your résumé. This will help you to stand out, especially if you're posting an online profile on a babysitting site. 

5. Increases earning potential.

In addition to being able to attract more clients with your stand-out résumé, you may also be able to increase your earning potential. If you and another babysitter have the exact same skills but you also have CPR training, you can charge more than them. You can also leverage the training to increase what your current clients are paying you. 

To learn more about the benefits of CPR for babysitters, contact a CPR training facility, such as West Coast CPR.  

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